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Solutions for Law Firms

Everything you need in one place

Empower your firm to be more efficient, agile and competitive - working intelligently and collaboratively with internal colleagues.

With unparalleled out-of-the-box integration abilities, HighQ adds functionality and works with your existing technologies to provides you with a single, unified platform so that you can deliver a more responsive, transparent, and valuable service to your clients.

Discover how HighQ can drive efficiencies and transform the way you work today.

Extranets & Client Portal 

Deliver the ideal client experience with personalized extranets, portal and microsites that improve how you collaborate communicate and provide value-added services to clients.

Transaction Management 

Add efficiency and transparency to M&A, property and other deals with a centralised, secure place to manage all documents, diligence, signatures, checklists, tasks, and data.

Legal Project Management 

Simplify can unify your LPM methodology, bringing all of the people, files, knowledge, data, tasks, timelines, and notifications that surround your projects together in one place.

Litigation Management 

Provide anywhere, anytime access to the critical documents and details of a case, including disclosure, evidence and deposition tracking, plus invoice and task management.

Intranet and Team Collaboration 

Offer a complete digital workplace where staff can stay informed of news and events, communicate easily, collaborate on projects and documents, manage tasks and access know-how.

Online Product and Services 

Easily transform your firm’s unique knowledge, expertise and insight into marketable, digital product and services that clients can access anytime, anywhere using any device.

Smarter delivery and client engagement with just one platform


Enhance your brand, market your products and services, and attract new clients.


Improve your client experience by delivering more transparent, efficient, and valuable services.


Create new ways of delivering legal services and products that can differentiate your firm.


Securely share messages, files, data and information with stakeholders inside and outside of your firm.


Work efficiently with external and internal teams on matters, legal projects, and files.


Collect knowledge and data as you work, improving the way you work and the decisions you make.


Empower your people to easily share, contribute, and access expert content, media, files, and tools.


Easily disseminate timely information to your firm about events, news, projects, and more.

We needed a platform that would allow us to move from a largely paper-based delivery system for legal knowledge to a digital form to better serve our lawyers and clients.

SmartLaw 2.0: Expert insights for the new future of law

As new processes, information resources and technology continue to emerge to meet increasing client expectations, law firms need to become more nimble, adaptive and flexible. Discover how client relationships, culture, technology, data analytics and process optimisation - the five pillars of SmartLaw 2.0 - are reshaping legal service delivery.

Discover how HighQ can make your firm more secure, efficient and innovative.