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Global Trade Content

Unparalleled coverage of foreign trade regulations and regulatory knowledge

Empowering you to manage global trade regulatory changes 

Managing just one country’s global regulatory trade data is a full-time job. Handling the same data for several countries where you do business can be overwhelming. With Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global Trade Content, you have access to the most current regulatory trade data available from 210+ countries and territories. From a central repository, you can reference a wide range of global trade content – including tariff schedules, trade agreement rules of origin, import and export controls (OGA/PGA), and more. You get updated-in-real-time customs data from around the globe that can be shared with all users regardless of location or language. 

Creating a solid trade compliance foundation for your enterprise

What you stand to gain when you utilize ONESOURCE Global Trade Content

Stay current, easier

Access to up-to-date regulatory import and export information updated by a world-wide network of trade compliance experts.

Find global content faster

Covering over 210 countries and territories and 450 trade agreement rules of origin.

Lower compliance risk

Reduced risk of fines and penalties due to incorrect data being used to file customs documents and transaction information.

Export screening

Leverage lists of embargoed/sanctioned countries, restricted parties, license exceptions, and restricted products to screen every shipment before export.

Learn how ONESOURCE Global Trade Content can help you meet trade challenges with confidence.

Global Trade Content
Comprehensive content is critical today for enterprises

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