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Practical Law

Propel your legal research into action. Online legal know-how service that helps you perform more efficiently.

What is Practical Law?

In law, the rules are constantly changing and you never know when you’ll find yourself on unfamiliar ground. And while traditional legal research ensures that you know what the law is and are citing the right cases, it doesn’t give you the insight and guidance needed to get through those times of uncertainty. That’s when you need legal know-how.

Thomson Reuters Practical Law is legal know-how that provides practical guidance and wisdom to propel your research into action. Over 280 expert attorney-editors obsessively monitor the changes in the law to ensure you have up-to-date resources, providing the questions you should be asking, and guiding you along the process.

With Practical Law you can

Get real-world insight and resources

Whether your legal agreement involves antitrust, bankruptcy, real estate, employment law, IP, or any one of the many other featured practice areas, starting with Practical Law will give you confidence that you are including and addressing key issues in your agreement.

Dive deep into legal issues

Get comprehensive explanation of aspects of law or transactions with practice notes from Practical Law. From broad overviews to focused explorations, practice notes can help you get up to speed quickly.

Get a concise view of key legal considerations

Presented in the form of timelines, flowcharts, tables, decision trees, and lists of issues, our legal checklists are created and continually maintained by our team of over 230 attorney-editors.

Improve response time

Cut down the time you spend researching with our straightforward how-to-guides. Practical Law offers clear explanations of current law and practice, so you can respond with speed and confidence.

Increase efficiency

Give yourself a head-start on contracts, agreements, and clauses with Practical Law. With coverage across business-related practice areas and beyond, our standard documents and clauses provide real-world applicability with insight from experts.

Practical Law Sectors, new to Practical Law

Sara Catley, Director of In-house Editorial at Thomson Reuters, and project lead for Sectors, gives some insight into the Sectors offering and why this is such a welcome development on Practical Law.

Introduction to Practical Law Sectors

Introducing Thomson Reuters Practical Law Sectors, our latest addition to Practical Law to give you the tools and knowledge to provide commercially relevant legal advice across multiple sectors. Sectors include: Energy, Financial Institutions, Life Sciences, Technology, Media & Telecoms

Resources that give you confidence

Practice Notes

Use these fundamental resources to brush up on unfamiliar areas of law or transactions, and set yourself up for success.

Contracts and agreements

Get coverage across practice areas and beyond, along with insight from specialized experts.


Make sure you are addressing all the issues with Practical Law checklists.

Searchable document repository

Filter customizable data points and system-generated data to quickly locate relevant documents. Query the body of the document using our Boolean search box.


Get a critical starting point and cut down the time you spend searching for relevant documents.

State Q&A

Find answers to state law questions and compare law across multiple jurisdictions.

Ready to learn more about Practical Law?

See for yourself how Practical Law resources can enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and improve response time