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Contract Express

Document automation software to quickly help you build complete and accurate legal documents

What is Contract Express?

Thomson Reuters Contract Express is a drafting productivity solution for law firms and in-house legal teams that automates and de-risks the creation of legal documents. Create templates and produce documents using your organization's own templates or form services such as Practical Law.

With intuitive markeup, compliance and relevancy tools, it simplifies the drafting process and enables fast and accurate drafting; providing more time to focus on high value work.

Contract Express easily integrates with Microsoft® SharePoint, Salesforce, iManage™, NetDocs®, HighQ, DocuSign®, and Adobe Sign. Setup requires very little technical expertise and you can rely on our document automation specialists to assist you throughout the implementation process.

Features and benefits

Generate documents from automated templates

Generate documents by filling out dynamic, web-based forms – also called questionnaires – created automatically from your templates.​

Complex legal documents made easy

Contract Express allows you to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents without programmers.

Attract new clients and impress current business

Differentiate your legal service with precision and speed acquired through innovative technology.

Searchable document repository

Filter customizable data points and system-generated data to quickly locate relevant documents. Query the body of the document using our Boolean search box.

Self service document creation

Intuitive, web-based forms are created from templates. They make self-service, signature-ready document creation easy for internal and external users.

Data Analytics

Capture key usage data to assist your team in monitoring approval deadlines, analyzing template usage, and knowing where contracts are potentially stalling.

Ready to learn more about Contract Express?

Speak to a specialist and see how a document automation software can add efficiency to your legal document process