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Tax Provision

A simple and intuitive tax provision software application to speed up your financial close

Simple, intuitive tax provision software to speed up your financial close

When it’s time for financial close, time is of the essence — and you rely on accurate tax provisioning to speed up the process. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Tax Provision software calculates tax estimates in seconds, and lets you quickly review data with filtering and drill-down capabilities. Instead of entering data multiple times, you can easily transition your data from tax provision to other direct tax applications, so you only have to enter it once.

Which means closing faster, filing earlier, and freeing up time to grow your business.

Take tax reporting to the next level

Get greater visibility into the effective tax rate, deferred balances, and effects of currency translation and changes in tax rates.

ONEOSOURCE Tax provision

Close faster, file earlier, free-up time

Review provisions faster and analyze data in seconds. Instead of entering data multiple times, easily transition data from provision to other direct tax obligations.

Analyze data in seconds

Filter data to focus on relevant subsets, and drill down from consolidated amounts to the lowest level in just 2 clicks.

Review faster

See all tax provision results on the dashboard, so you can see a flow from calculated values to the entries that drive them.

Reduce manual entry

Access all applications in one central location and eliminate duplicate work with the ONESOURCE platform.

Active Workpapers

Add-on module of Tax Provision that embeds custom calculations and Excel® workpapers directly into your provision software.

Global Access

Add-on module of Tax Provision that enables colleagues all over the world to enter information into your provision database.

Uncertain Tax Positions

Integrates with Tax Provision to help you analyze and report tax treatment of open positions under ASC 740-10-50 and IAS 37.

International Tax Calculator

Integrates with Income Tax and Tax Provision to pull the data you need to forecast tax impacts on your global operations.


Automating Tax Provision: the power of technology

“How much do we owe?” doesn’t always have a straightforward answer. The actual math behind tax provisioning isn’t so complex, what is complex is integrating and properly structuring data from both the finance and tax departments. Discover the power of automating tax provision in this white paper.

Case study

Saving a week of time during year-end

"This 3-person tax team was spending many late nights working to achieve a balanced provision". Read how they moved from having a heavy reliance on spreadsheets to tremendous time savings using ONESOURCE Workpapers.

Ready to speed up your financial close?