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Government policy workflow and solutions


A powerful suite of government solutions to help streamline workflow, improve efficiency, and help shape and deliver government policy.

We provide governments the tools to improve transparency of land rights by streamlining and optimising land registries. The transparency of land rights boosts government revenues through more efficient tax gathering and through curbing corruption.

Attracting investment to Africa

Find out how Thomson Reuters Government solutions are used to attract investment into Africa, create an efficient legal environment, better manage Africa’s natural resources and develop the financial sector in Africa.

Secure revenue stream

Simplifying revenue management and improving public services are important part of government spending. Thomson Reuters Aumentum is a proven land revenue management solution for rapidly emerging markets.

Through Aumentum, you can centralise the land and property registration lifecycle by consolidating the characteristics of such lands and properties and recording them into a single platform.

Encourage foreign investment through real estate transparency, and rationalise government revenue through access to unregistered lands and properties.

Aumentum helps to prevent fraud, corruption and manipulation of land/property records and land ownership.

It develops effective tax compliance solutions and supports government tax automation, and streamlines and controls the property appraisal and valuation process.

Our solutions:

Thomson Reuters Aumentum

Create an efficient legal environment

To attract investment and the growth that comes with it, countries must ensure a consistent, fair and transparent rule of law. Often laws in African countries date back from long-ago eras. Even though these laws may have been updated, they are often difficult to access because of manual systems.

We provide facilities whereby laws are published with their updates, accessible on a single platform. This improves the flow of law - and better application of the law within a country’s courts - hugely, improving the entire judiciary system.

Our tools and resources help you to cultivate best practices on risk mitigation and compliance. They facilitate access to regulations and procedures, increase awareness and drive enforcement.

Modernise court systems and legal processes; drive compliance and governance agenda; and screen business partners, individuals and goods to ensure integrity and mitigate the risk of corruption.

Our solutions:

Court management solutions

Legal solutions