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ALN (African Leadership network)

The African Leadership Network (ALN) is a community of the most dynamic and influential leaders, working to create change in Africa. This community aims to contribute towards Africa’s prosperity by strengthening relationships between leaders, and thereby encourage collaboration.

CFO Community South Africa

CFO South Africa launched in September 2011. Since then, the network for finance professionals in South Africa has been growing at a rapid pace, and shares a vision with Thomson Reuters of developing the community and the opportunities it offers its partners.

CFO South Africa connects finance professionals online and off in order to share knowledge, exchange interests and open up business opportunities.

CFO contributes to the growth of the country through building the community. Over 3000 finance professionals have already joined CFO South Africa. As a knowledge business, CFO South Africa is constantly working on ways to bring finance leaders cutting edge thinking and new ideas and reinforce this with peer-to-peer learning exchanges.