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Compliance eLearning

Compliance Learning manager

Amplify your compliance, not your risk.

A flexible and easy-to-use solution for organisations to support employee training and compliance obligations.

Ensuring compliance is a tightrope to walk when the rules are always changing for highly regulated industries.

Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning Manager can support your efforts in training your workforce. With superior tracking, reporting and audit-with-automation capabilities, you save time and strengthen compliance at scale.

Compliance Learning Manager brochure

Experience the reliability of Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning Manager

Our Compliance Learning Manager is designed first and foremost to help you increase learning engagement for better training outcomes that improve your organization’s performance. Packed with all the required features, it helps save time and ensure you are strengthening compliance while reducing risk.

Your entire compliance training process together in one solution

Comprehensive reporting and audit trails on training compliance

Enterprise-wide solution for individual projects or departments

High course completion rates and improved knowledge retention

Market-leading Docebo LMS technology with minimal technical requirements

Automatic updates of your learners directly from your HRIS system

Experience the difference of expert digital compliance training