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Contract Express for in-house counsel

Quickly automate and simplify your most frequently-used legal contracts

How does Contract Express work for in-house counsel?

With Contract Express, in-house legal teams can quickly automate their most frequently-used contracts.

This increases productivity by reducing steps in the drafting process. In-house counsel can generate these draft documents by filling out web-based forms, which are created automatically from your organization’s own templates or from services such as Practical Law.

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Capabilities and features

Manage risk

This allows you to completely automate and manage the VAT compliance process of your clients within ONESOURCE Fast VAT via a user-friendly interface.

Reduce sales cycles

Our certified GCC VAT knowledge center provides your clients with real-time access to the latest government-issued regulations in the GCC, taxpayer guides and other VAT-related intelligence.

Reduce external spend

The built-in artificial intelligence capabilities allow your clients to find the GCC VAT-related answers they’re looking for swiftly and easily.

Contract Express understands the way lawyers work.

Do you want to save time and money whilst drafting more documents?