Commodities analysis, research & forecasts


Succeed in the global commodity market

See further, know earlier and act quicker. For every major commodity, get the news, analysis, fundamentals, and research and forecasts at your fingertips.

Commodities trading


Using our independent research and forecasts as a base, we supply a complete workflow solution, beginning with price discovery through to analysis and trade, covering the agriculture, energy and metals sectors.


We provide all the essential data that clients need to succeed in the global energy markets. Get detailed real-time, delayed and historical pricing from all the major commodities exchanges and trading venues around the world. Benefit from physical data from the global shipping market, such as Baltic indices, rate assessments, fixtures, global bunker prices, and global and regional energy company equity prices and details.


As global information flows increase in number and complexity, we provide focused, timely, relevant news that moves markets, as well as insightful commentary that pinpoints aspects affecting your business operations directly and indirectly.


Agriculture Flows™ uses a combination of vessel tracking, fixtures, editorial, customs and port inspection data to identify agriculture cargo movements and track the major flows from the US to global discharge points. Individual flows are aggregated to produce the major physical flows from the North American region that affect the price of agricultural products in the US and globally.